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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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no problems getting into little more. if you're driving on the golden gate bridge and was good. it has been a nice commute. so far, there are lanes getting a little slow. new and walnut creek a close call for a family. a car crashed into the home of the family --
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alcohol played a role in the crash. the boy is recovering after almost drowning last night in a jacuzzi. the call came in from kirkwood avenue about six kirkwood avenue about 6:30 pm last night. the family and the police officer performed cpr. that saved the little boys live. he was in the water for about a minute before family members called him and pulled him out.
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after cpr he was alert and breathing but rushed to the hospital for precaution. and oakland firefighters happen to be driving by in apartment building on fruitvale avenue when they saw smoke coming out of the building. select they found a small fire in the second floor unit of the apartment building. they contain the fire to the kitchen area and there was no extension of the fire to the floors above. select no injuries have been reported. a five-year-old boy is missing in southern california and his father is in custody. the father apparently became separated from the little boy on saturday after the father was found unconscious in the park in pasadena. he was arrested after he was treated at the hospital. when the little boy did not come home with his father, his mother called the police. the father of the missing boy have released a picture hoping it will lead to clues in a missing child prisoner we don't have a he still missing and we are looking for him.
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we know he's not with his mother or father. >> the parents share custody of the child. his mother has not said she thinks the father would have hurt the child. bail is set at $2 million for the father. warriors head coach steve kerr will not be with the team tonight. he is dealing with chronic back pain again and for now we are not sure when he will be back. >> we will talk about what to expect as the warriors get set for the next playoff game. >> reporter: this is not the news that warriors fans wanted to hear going into the playoffs that coach steve kerr is out at least for tonight. the team taking up portland in portland hoping that coach steve kerr makes a speedy recovery. he was spotted on the sideline in discomfort in game two and
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he missed game three. he was experiencing lingering aspects symptoms after two years of back surgery. symptoms that have chronic headache, nausea and back pain. he missed 43 games last season. select this passed we, things got worse. my symptoms got worse. and i was not able to coach the last few days. it is difficult. but i made the decision i could not coach. >> reporter: fans are wishing for the best for coach steve kerr. will have a little bit more on how important he is to the team and how mike brown will be filling in in his absence. the warriors hoping for another big went to close out the series tonight. and hopefully they will close
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out tonight and move on to round two. we will have more updates for you throughout the morning. that we were talking about the amazing come back saturday night. the warriors of dealing with so much right now. >> reporter: it was inspiring to watch that game and watch them battle back. everyone is hoping that coach kirk to do the same thing a battle back where he belongs. this may be the tough administration's most critical week so far. on saturday the president will hit the 100 day mark in office. his lawmakers are rushing to avoid a possible government shut down. >> reporter: the 100 day mark carries symbolic weight but the threat of a government shutdown is very real. it may happen at the end of the week. folks around here starting to get nervous. select with his business
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stature built on dealmaking present from have a lot at stake. he does not want to deal with lines like this around the country. the president wants funding for his chief campaign pledge. select i don't think anyone is trying to get to a shutdown that is not an desired end or tool. >> reporter: getting a deal with democrats in congress will not be easy. select when the president said i promised the wall, i don't think he said he was going to pass billions of dollars of cost of the wall onto the taxpayer. >> reporter: the white house is offering the deal. border wall funding in exchange for shoring up obama care. >> republicans will end on being blamed. that is the way it goes down. >> reporter: the administration clears potential problems. vice president mike pence is
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rushing home from overseas trip to help deal with congress. >> we have seen nonessential services shut down. the essential services will continue. medicare and social security will still be paid out. >> reporter: we have been through this before but the political question becomes, who will shoulder the blame if there is a government shutdown ? that will determine which side blinks first. a new poll says president trump's approval rating is the lowest for any reason president. the washington post poll shows 42% of the people approve of the job he is doing while 53% disapprove. the poll shows most voters think the president and members of both parties are out of touch.
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67% of the people responded say democrats are out of touch. president trump responded to the poll on twitter and one of his tweets he said, new polls out today are very good considering that much of the media is fake and almost always negative. with still beat hillary in the popular vote. he also said that abc news post poll says all stand by their vote and 53% said strong leader. new government guidelines now consider a six-figure salary in san francisco and san mateo county to be low income. the us department of housing and urban development said a family of four with an income of $105,000 in those counties can be considered low income when it comes to qualifying for affordable and subsidized housing programs like section 8 vouchers. in alameda a family of four with the annual salary of
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$80,000 is now considered low income. in santa clara county, it is $84,000. the federal income limits are higher than in previous years because of the rising cost of living here in the bay area. new cameras to crack down on speeders may become to san francisco and san jose. coming up the new pilot program that will be voted on today at the state capital. in france the first round is complete. results from the presidential election is being watched around the world. we can see traffic is doing well around the bay area. on highway 24 is not a bad drive to the title. almost every reporting station says cloudy with winds. that's going to be a the forecast for the day.
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bill o'reilly the former fox news commentator comes back to broadcasting today with a new episode of his podcast. he was fired last week from fox news because of sexual harassment allegations. he says the allegations were completely unfounded. and today's podcast will be the first time he will talk
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publicly about being terminated. his podcast is available for premium members of his website. the first round of the presidential elections was held over the weekend. there will be a runoff election that will be held next month. marine le pen is against the european union union. there were protests in paris yesterday over the results of the election. protesters are angry that marine le pen will advance to the runoff. tensions escalating, north korea threatened to sink the aircraft carrier uss carl
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vinson. north korea has detained another us citizen. a teacher who had been teaching there for the last month. he is the third american thought to be held by the north koreans. limit they are holding another american to have another bargaining chip. >> tomorrow they mark the 85th anniversary of the north korean army. in the pass, they have marked important days by testing weapons. let's go back over to whether. he up and checking in on some of the people with our long commute. >> i think a lot of people are going to be back from whatever spring break they had. let's check the drive on
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northbound 101. gilroy to san jose not a bad commute. you see more people on the road and traffic is looking good through morgan hill. no major problems in the south bay yet, but we do have traffic and it is getting more crowded. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a little bit of a crowd over to your right. but to the most part we have a nice commute. at around 5:30 pm that changes. we will watch that. for today's weather let's go to steve. if you were driving that would be a heck of a traffic report. we have mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. santa rosa and san jose, livermore and the hawarden. -- haywood. and almost everyone has a west wind. we will carry that through this
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weekend. it's not very warm. upper 50s. up at fort bragg we have light rain this morning. the rain will keep coming through wednesday. there is not there to the south. there was a little briefly but now it is gone. we are dealing with cloud cover and windy conditions and very little rain. rain mainly to the north. breezy to mostly cloudy on tuesday. one more system on wednesday and then we will see the jet stream amplify. speaking of the sierra nevada there is snow up there. i cannot find any precipitation, but it is not up in the sierra nevada.
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50s on the temperatures. low 50s for everyone and if you mid-fifties. west at 13 w. at fort team. usually someone is different on the direction but that's not the case today. 54 and truckee. there are wind advisories as well in las vegas and arizona and parts of the desert. you to see the system clipping as an has some night that spec light snow. this gives us below normal on the tips.
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livermore should be closer to 74 but they will be at 64. a lot of clouds and some light rain. breezy and windy and it does look warmer by the weekend. >> will i need hairspray today because of the wind ? select yes, extra hold. really scary moments. look at this. four of four year old girl is she fell off of a moving bus. who was driving behind that bus was able to rush to the rescue. described as symbols of racism in the warnings are being taken down. we will tell you what happened in the middle of the night.
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fire investigators in new york still trying to determine the cause of a house fire in queens were five people were killed. the victims included three children and two young adults. the flames started about 2:30 pm and quickly spread to the house. someone walking by saw the flames coming out of the first and second floors and called the fire department. it's hours for fire crews to get the flames under control. >> they recovered all of the people from there, none of the five people in the home
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survived. it is a tragic loss. >> it was the deadliest fire in two years for new york city. the victims ranged in age from two years old up to 20. there was one survivor. a 46-year-old man who was able to escape from a second floor window. a pilot flying a world war i plane died yesterday. his plane crashed into a field. they say it happen in the morning around 9 am off highway 46 e. the pilot was alone on the plane. the national transportation safety board and faa are investigating. the search goes on for a santa rosa couple missing. their single engine plane went missing last week. mark and brenda winters were
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expected at the petaluma airport last monday night. they were flying in from truckee but the plane never arrive. the chp in air national guard are helping with the search. more than 100 adults and youth volunteers are monitoring high resolution photos. survivors of the holocaust were honored yesterday at berkeley's 15th annual holocaust remembrance they are. that's not fair. there was poetry and music and survivors were invited to light candles councilmember sophie hahn says it's important to keep the memory of the holocaust alive especially with the rise of anti-semitic hate crimes. >> with the rise in hatred that is based on artificial lines on race.
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>> she also says it's important for holocaust survivors to share their stories. a new report from anti- defamation league says case of anti-semitism weight of 86% in the first three months of the year. numbers include more than 150 bomb threats that started in january. the battle in the bay area over free speech. we will tell you what's happening in you see berkeley as and coulter said she will speak this week. a new tool in the search for a missing 20 year old from yuba city. we will tell you about the reward being offered. it looks like spring break baby over for a lot of people. there are more people on the
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bridge and the freeways. we are getting a lot of spring like temperatures. but we have a cool pattern here for the next few days. hey allergy muddlers
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good morning. looking live at sfo, bustling early on a monday morning. they areas largest airport had 80 canceled fly and 108 delays
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because of all of of grading they are doing on runway 28. the things are back on track this morning. that's good to know if you plan to travel. we are looking live at sfo. it is monday, april 24. a lot of people are returning from spring break. it probably affected a lot of people. and the weather can affect the people as well. it is very windy. select without bog our rain -- or rain it's probably okay. other than that we have mostly cloudy skies. we do have a westerly breeze in place. that's going to be the factor here more so than any rain. but some light rain is possible. morsel out to the mother load.
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these are fast-moving systems. it looks like a mostly cloudy forecast for the giants and dodgers tonight. but not very warm. a lot of cloud cover for us and occasionally some light rain but i'm hard to that spec hard- pressed to find anything right now. it's breezy and staying cool. there is another system coming in tuesday into wednesday. i don't think these temperatures will climb -- much too much. a lot of cloud cover and a little bit of rain. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. the metering life has
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switched on. there is a stalled vehicle on the bay bridge. we will get to that in just a moment. were going to start off with the solano commute on 80 westbound as you drive from vacaville and vallejo it has not become that credit on 80 but 37 is getting some work as you can see. as you drive across the bridge it looks okay. were looking at the bridge here and the span there's a stalled vehicle on the bridge. you can see that traffic is flowing down getting onto that bay bridge. it is on the other side of the island, look at all of the slow traffic on the span. normally the metering lights come on anyway at around 5:30 am. they're going to be on a little extra slow at the toll plaza.
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that will make for a big delay. we will keep watching this for you. if you are a bay bridge commuter. you may want to get out of the house about 20 minutes early if you can. if you think the bay area is expensive the numbers from the department of housing prove that you are right. select the federal government released the new numbers on what qualifies as low income. allie rasmus is in san mateo, tell us about it. >> reporter: according to the new numbers, san mateo, san francisco and marin county are some of the most expensive places in the country to live in. according to these new numbers, even if a family of four is bringing in a six figure salary they can be considered low income. the us department of housing and urban development says a family of four with an annual income of $105,000 can be considered low income. in alameda county, a family
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with i income of $80,000 is considered low income. the new definitions are a reflection of the rising cost of housing and living here in the bay area. the numbers have gone up for the passed two years. in a matter because more families could qualify for affordable housing programs and things like section 8 vouchers. we will be talking to some residents here to see if these numbers and definitions are crazy. >> i think a lot of people will be happy. a lot of us get tired of comparing us to the rest of the country.
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>> reporter: yes especially when it comes to housing. that is why the new definition can be impactful. more people can get help. lawmakers on the state transportation committee will discuss a proposal to use automated cameras to crack down on speeding drivers. assembly mandated to introduce a measure that will introduce a five-year pilot program. the automated camera will take cars of cars going over 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. then they will send a ticket to the register cars owner. a planned speech by ann coulter may end up in court. at first they canceled her appearance because they were worried about the threat of violence. select then they try to reschedule.
5:36 am
the students who invited her to speak have vowed to sue the school if she is not allowed to speak as originally scheduled. >> reporter: the berkeley campus is quiet right now. and ann coulter is sticking her ground. >> i am definitely speaking next thursday at berkeley. >> reporter: they counseled her initial visit and the school asked her to choose an afternoon of may 2 instead of the 27. the statement read, police have very specific intelligence regarding threats that could pose grave danger to the speaker and her audience if the event goes ahead next thursday. the decision comes on the heels after filing clashes took place at a pro trump rally last weekend.
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>> is worrisome thinking about what might happen this time around. i think we are more prepared seeing what can happen. i have not heard a lot of talk. >> reporter: other students are open even if it's something they do not want to hear. >> every student i know is disappointed that she is not coming to speak. we think free speech is a crucial part of our university and that is not being upheld. and i am not a milo supporter, but he still should be able to speak. >> this is a taxpayer-funded institution. and a lot of kids get federal money to be there. jeff sessions should be looking
5:38 am
at this. we always knew that the universities were like this. >> reporter: we reached out to the university police department they said that they are aware of the speaking engagement. they said they will have their regular protocols in place. that means reaching out to the interested party to make sure that everything goes smoothly. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on this story. we are scheduled to speak with ann coulter this afternoon. a $50,000 reward is being offered to find a missing college student. she has not been seen since march 30.
5:39 am
her truck was seen driving into an orchard after leaving a home in yuba city. her truck and cell phone were found but there was no sign of alicia. the family says someone have to know what happened. they just want to know the truth. local businesses are chipping in to help with the search effort. >> someone's daughter and someone's friend. this is a local girl. we just want to find closure to it. i'm sure the family is going through a lot. >>the family is receiving ransom notes. a man accused of killing his neighbor is in court today. he is charged with several crimes, including homicide and burglary. he used pepper spray on his neighbor and then shot him. they say he cut up the body and try to get rid of it using chemicals.
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time is running out for the state department of corrections to submit new rules for lethal injections. the deadline is wednesday. know what has been executed in california in 11 years and voters have indicated they what the number of executions to speed up here right now there are 750 inmates on death row. a ballot initiative to reduce the time allowed for an appeal was approved by voters in november. but that initiative is being challenged. is now at the supreme court. a ruling is expected by august. in new orleans, crews work to take down the statue of the battle at liberty place. the mayor of new orleans said the monuments will be taken down early in the morning due to threat from people who want
5:41 am
the statues to stay. so that we are happy to see the statues taken down but were disappointed in the mayor that is being done in the middle of the night where people cannot come out and celebrate. >> the statues of robert e lee and jefferson davis will also be taken down in the coming days. former president. barack obama will make his first major public appearance since leaving the white house. he will speak at the university of chicago. that is what he used to teach constitutional law and where his presidential library is planned. he is expected to talk about community organizing and civic engagement. yesterday he took part in the roundtable discussion with young men from his neighborhood. it is 5:41 am. questions about huber.
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they are responding to accusations of it tracks people even if it can be people on their phone. they are calling it the furniture of the future. welcome to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone,
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officials at an refinery agreed to pay $340,000 and find after logs who claim that they violated rules. the money paid will be used by the air district to pay for inspections and also for enforcing air quality rules like the ones that led to the
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settlement. the 911 call ctr. is back up and running. they were experiencing technical difficulties this weekend. the system was shut down for nearly 2 hours yesterday. and just before 3 pm they said the system was back up and running but they expected some delays. no word on what caused the outage in the first place. this video may be graphic. the video shows a four-year-old girl falling out of the back door of a moving bus. a volunteer firefighter and licensed emt was driving behind the bus and was able to quickly help the girl. she did suffer a broken job at her mother said she is expected to make a full recovery. we are getting you to where you need to go. salve you are watching our commute and it is busy ? >> yes it is. a lot of people are done with
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this spring break. and we all know it. around easter the week before and weeks after but now it's time. and you can tell by looking at the commute. let's go to tracy first and you can see the traffic here will be slow. some of those speeds are down on the 205, 11 miles per hour. that is not surprising. it is just what happens. 580 is also back up. 680 is beginning to get slow. we are looking at the golden gate bridge. this traffic looks okay. the bay bridge toll plaza, here it is, it's backed up because of the earlier problem. there was a stalled vehicle and it made traffic flow. that means the metering light had to be slowed down. if you're driving on the bay bridge, -- it is not like it
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was the other day. but you may need another 15 minutes. we have no issues weatherwise but the breeze may be strong in some of the higher elevations. any rain looks to be light. we do have cloudy in mostly cloudy conditions. it is going to be this way through when saved in the jetstream will buckle a little bit. in high pressure to the west will be caught in between. it will be warmer as we head towards the end of the week. but for now we are below average on the temperatures. these are fast-moving systems and not very strong for us but they track across a lot of cloud cover. is up in the sierra. is cloudy with one more system on wednesday. cloud cover is they are not
5:48 am
much else. i cannot find much in the way of rain. we can in the mountains. it looks like this will be there for another hour or two then move south. we make it 1-2 inches of snow around the lake. there are wind advisories out for southern nevada and southern california. almost everyone is in the mid- 50s. it is coming from the west for just about everyone. 34 up in truckee. there is a high wind warning or wind advisory.
5:49 am
we get the cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions and you can see how these systems are zooming down from the northwest. we will see this pattern through wednesday rainfall will be light. were not looking for much rain. we are looking for cool temperatures but they will rebound starting on thursday or friday. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. look for this to carry us into midweek then it was like we will be windy but fun and warmer temperatures will take us into the weekend. the a winning streak ended after losing to the mariners. they dug themselves into a hole early. they are off today and they play in anaheim tomorrow night.
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less than 20 games into the baseball season the giants are struggling with the worst start in franchise history. yesterday the rockies beat the giants 8-0. he hit a two run homer to give colorado a 3-0 lead. giants are home and host the dodgers tonight. and vancouver-based company is creating furniture of the future using 3-d printing technology. >> they put plastic beads into a funnel then it prints out pieces of furniture with precision. they say it can take about 14 hours to print a piece. >> we have a lot of people come
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by and they are amazed that this is how far technology has advanced. >> the machines can make items out of other material. lending a helping hand. one man sacrificed his finish time in the london marathon to help another runner.
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candlestick park is gone but his legacy will live on. >> for candlestick is a whole new ballgame. >> yesterday the city and county of san francisco announced the names of new streets after famous athletes that played at candlestick park. it's all in an effort to redefine the area by combining cut -- tradition with redevelopment. drivers taking part in the 27th annual california relay
5:55 am
arrived at the fairmont hotel. the event ran from 1927-1957. so only cars made during those years can qualify. >> you go 1000 miles over four days. great california roads. fun cars and good friends. >> bent his cars from a dozen states into foreign countries are taking part. they take off at 8:30 am this morning. 2000 people received free dental care this weekend at the san mateo events center. some left with the new smile and a life-changing experience. the clinic was organized by the california dental association. people came from all over northern california. one couple came from stockton and they did not have dental
5:56 am
insurance for over 30 years. hundreds of patients came in for routine cleanings and feelings and tooth extractions. >> very painful. i was my own dentist at time simply my own teeth. if it wasn't for this i would still be hurting. >> i did not realize how much this would impact my self- confidence. >> almost 1000 dentists donated their time and the payoff to them is hundreds of happy patients walking away pain-free with a new and improved smile. there was a remarkable display of sportsmanship over the weekend. it happened at the london marathon. the runner was moments from finishing yesterday's race when he stopped to help this
5:57 am
exhausted competitor who could not even stand up on his own. he rammed over to him and let him lean on his shoulder. the man urged him to, to leave and not sacrifice the race. but they helped him get across the finish line and then there was a loud thunderous applause from the spectators that included the royal family. >> it's incredible when you see that. the body gives out. >> what a nice gesture. we are coming up on our 6 am hour. and the warriors playoff run hit another snack. steve kerr could be out for the rest of the postseason. we'll have more on his lingering injury. getting out of town this morning ? expect some delays. dozens of flights have been affected. we will tell you when the problems will be fixed. we have traffic that is
5:58 am
going to be a little slower today of the bay bridge, the stalled vehicle has been cleared. but there is a lot of slow traffic at the toll plaza. we really have no weather issues right here though it will be windy over the higher elevations.
5:59 am
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the warriors is set to take on the portland trail blazers in portland the coach steve kerr will not be on the sideline. a woman cleaning -- a family cleaning up after a car drove through their home. thank you for joining us. >> let's talk about your monday weather. did you know that today is barbra streisand's birthday ? >> how old will she be ? >> she does not say. >>


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